Are Bow Front Aquariums Bad?

by | Jun 4, 2022

Bow front Aquarium

As a person who keeps aquariums, a time will come when you’ll think or consider changing your aquarium from a rectangle to a bow-front aquarium, either because you want to try something different or you’re looking for a replacement for a damaged tank.

Say you’ve decided to go for a Bow Front aquarium, but you want to know if it’s a good choice.

Let’s dive into this piece.

Are Bow Front Aquariums Good or Bad?

So, Are Bow Front Aquarium Bad? The answer is No; because the Bow Front aquarium is just another form of the aquarium, but with a curved front side that separates it from the traditional aquariums.

You must know that most aquariums perform the same function and have similar features and accessories.

Aquariums’ design varies by size, shape, and materials, and you decide what type of aquarium to purchase based on your budget, lifestyle, space, location, and environment.

The Bow Front aquarium is a simple and regular fish tank that many aquarists consider a unique choice.

The aquarium is of regular shape, except for its curved front side – the only feature that stands out, while the flat or traditional aquariums are rectangular or square.

So, are bow-front aquariums worse when compared to the traditional ones?
Let us compare them.

Bow Front Aquarium versus Flat Front Aquarium.

Bow front aquarium versus regular aquarium

Let’s briefly differentiate between these two tanks.

Bow Front:

The Bow Front Aquarium is usually made up of glass or acrylic and comes in different sizes.

The stand-out feature of this aquarium is its curved front shape, which gives it a sort of bulging effect on the front side.

The tank provides a different view and design to the tank.

Bow Front aquariums allow more water in the tank, provide more space for the fish, and allow the plants to flourish.

Square or Rectangle

Fish tanks with a flat front are either rectangular or square-shaped.

They are also made from glass or acrylic and come in different sizes.

They are the most common and affordable type of aquarium.

Why you should get a Bow Front Aquarium

The following are some reasons why you should try a Bow Front aquarium.

  • If you’re seeking an aquarium with a unique design, get the Bow Front tank.
  • Fish Aquarium with Bow Front has a unique and outstanding design that complements your space.
  • • Bow Front aquarium saves more space than its Front Flat counterpart.
  • • Bow Front aquarium offers an impressive view of your fish and plants.

Common Complaints about the Bow Front Aquarium

The following are some complaints from people who have used or used a Bow Front aquarium.

The complaints should not dissuade you from forming your own opinion about the Bow Front aquarium.

• The Bow Front aquarium sometimes offers an uneven view when you stand in front of it or slightly from the side of the tank.

Some aquarists find this bothersome, while others are happy with it.
You need to try it yourself to see if it’s a concern.

• If you enjoy taking pictures of your fish, the Bow Front tank might not offer great images, and due to the uneven or distorted view, the photographs taken can be blurry.

  • Some also complain that cleaning a Bow Front tank can be difficult due to the curvature.

Your best cleaning material is a sponge because using a razor, cleaning magnets, or a scraper might not work due to the curvature of the aquarium.

Other Facts to Consider

Due to the front shape of the Bow Front, the tank will require a large stand or furniture to stand on.

Ensure the stand or furniture you’re placing the tank on can support the weight of a full tank.

Any aquarist, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced user, can use the Bow tank.

If you currently have a tight budget and wish to purchase a Bow Front, it’s advisable to wait until you can afford that purchase.

Bow Front aquariums are more expensive than traditional tanks.


I’ll conclude by saying, having a Bow Front aquarium is neither good nor bad – like every other thing in life, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, as an aquarist, a Bow Front is more beautiful and unique.

It offers one of the best aquariums to beautify your home or office.

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