Can Corn Snakes Strangle You?

by | Aug 2, 2022

Can Corn Snakes Strangle You

Corn snakes are known to constrict their prey to death and consume them. So, that makes many ask, Can Corn Snakes strangle humans?

They are one of the most popular and colorful snakes for pet owners and are relatively easy to keep, even for beginners.  

We will discuss that in this blog post and also look at the dangers, if any, they pose to humans. 

Can Corn Snakes Strangle Humans?

Corn snakes can’t strangle humans because they don’t have enough power to harm humans this way. 

The size difference between you and the Corn snake won’t even allow it to try it. 

Corn snakes are not dangerous and offer no threat to humans through strangling. Corn snakes cannot strangle animals bigger than a mouse. 

Are Corn snakes aggressive?

Corn snakes are peaceful and docile animals that are rarely aggressive. This trait makes them one of the most popular pet snakes in the world. 

In captivity, they can live up to 25 years and will come to know and like their owner. 

Despite their lack of aggressiveness, you still need to take certain precautions if you own a Corn snake. 

Can a Corn snake bite you?

Yes, you can get bitten by a Corn Snake. Corn snakes attack and bites as a defensive mechanism when they feel threatened. 

But you should not worry too much if you get bitten by a Corn snake, as they don’t have venom. 

Corn snakes have teeth, but no fangs, so they cannot inject venom through fangs. 

While the bite may hurt a little, you won’t have to go to the hospital if this happens. 

Their bites feel like a cat’s scratch at worse, so you shouldn’t worry too much. 

You should clean the bite area and disinfect it immediately to be safe. 

Why your Corn Snake may bite you?

Although Corn snakes are generally peaceful and docile, they can still attack you if they feel threatened. 

So, you may want to know why such peaceful snakes attack you.

Under threat

First, they attack when they feel threatened. 

If you are too fast, they may feel threatened and lash out to defend themselves. 

During Shedding Period

Corn snakes are also aggressive when they are shedding their skins. 

They shed skins around 4-6 times every year, and this can be a frustrating period for them. 

The stress of it can even make them ill-mannered and attack their owners.

When Feeding

They can also be aggressive when feeding. 

When hungry and you are about to feed them, they can mistake your hand for the food and strike at it, which is usually not intentional. 

A baby Corn snake just getting to know its new environment is also more likely to bite than an adult one.

How to Avoid Getting Bitten by your Corn snake

Now that you know why a peaceful Corn snake will attack, let us discuss how to stop that from happening.

If you don’t want to get bitten by your pet Corn snake, you should try to wear hand gloves as much as possible. 

Do this every time you need to handle or feed them. 

You should make sure you maintain a consistent time of feeding. Please do not feed your corn snake anytime you want. 

Doing so can make them aggressive and lash out when you eventually want to feed them.

It would help if you also avoided excessive handling when they are shedding skin. 

The shedding period is stressful for the Corn snake, and they are best left alone. 

What to do if a Corn Snake bites you

In the rare case that a Corn snake bites you, there are certain things you should avoid or do. 

First, if a corn snake bites you, do not try to yank the Corn snake off with force. 

The Corn snake’s teeth are angled inwards to prevent prey from escaping easily. 

If you suddenly grab and yank, the teeth will go deeper and cause more damage.

The best thing to do is allow the Corn snake to detach itself. 

After the detachment, you should wash and disinfect the area with antibiotics. 

After that, cover up the area with a band-aid to stop further infection. 

Moreover, if you find yourself bleeding or the site is swollen, you should visit the vet immediately. 

While swelling can be rare, you should not take chances. 

How do Corn Snakes Kill Their Preys?

So, how do they kill prey if they do not have venom and can’t strangle most things? 

Corn snakes strike and then hold down their prey using their jaws. They dip their teeth into the prey to hold it down. 

Then they wrap themselves around it and constrict it using their muscles. After crushing the prey, the Corn snake will then swallow it. 

They can’t asphyxiate bigger animals like dogs, goats, and cats as they don’t have the muscular power to do that. 

That means you and your other pets are safe in a house with a Corn snake. 

Are Corn Snakes Harmful to Humans?

Corn snakes are not harmful to humans in any way. They are one of the most docile snakes in the world. 

In some environments, Corn snakes can even be helpful to humans. They can help you control pests like rodents that destroy farm crops and plantations. 

Captive Corn snakes are even less dangerous than their counterparts in the wild. 

You need to note that Corn snakes may carry bacteria in their mouths. 

And this can cause some problems if it comes in contact with open wounds. 

I advise you always to disinfect immediately. 


Corn snakes do not have the muscular power to strangle or kill a human. 

They are one of the most docile snakes and make great pets. 

Occasionally, they may become aggressive and bite. 

You should not worry too much, though, as their bites are harmless and not dangerous, except for the rare times it draws blood. 

Wash and disinfect immediately, and you should be fine. 

But generally, a Corn snake will not attack you and will mostly slither away from you.

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