How long do Samoyeds Sleep?

by | Jun 28, 2022

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Samoyeds are energetic dogs that need good sleep to replenish their energy and stay healthy. 

As hyper animals, content to be run around and play, many people may think they don’t get enough sleep. 

But they get their fair share of sleep, especially after a tasking exercise.

This blog post will tell you what you need to know about the sleeping patterns of Samoyeds and how many hours they sleep in a day. 

How many hours of Sleep do Samoyeds need?

Adult Samoyed dogs sleep between 10-14 hours daily, while Samoyed puppies sleep between 15-20 hours daily. 

They are energetic dogs and need sleep to regain strength, especially after exercising. The Samoyed sleep less as they grow older and become more active. 

A newborn Samoyed will sleep 90% of the time. The sleep time reduces to 15-18 hours after 3-4 months. They also take naps for 3-4 hours a day. 

How to help your Samoyed get better Sleep

Now that you know how long they sleep, it is time to find out how to help them sleep. This section will go through ways to make your energetic Samoyed sleep when you want them to.

1. Exercise

Samoyed dogs get tired quicker than other dog breeds because they are energetic and use most of their energy. 

Most Samoyed will need at least 1-hour of exercise daily – although two is ideal. If you want them to sleep, try exercising with them for at least two hours daily. 

Regular exercise will make them expend a lot of energy and relax to sleep immediately after. 

2. Routine

Another way to help your Samoyed sleep well is routine. Ensure you train your Samoyed early on for when you want them to sleep and where. 

If you are consistent with a routine, they will eventually understand and are likely to always sleep at that time. 

Dogs understand routine quickly and follow the pattern and laid down instructions. 

Does Samoyed need a dog bed for Sleep?

Most Samoyed dogs don’t like to sleep on a dog’s bed. 

They prefer lying on the floor, as this helps regulate their temperature. 

Usually, they like to plop on cold hardwood floors or tiles and often choose this over a regular dog bed or pillow. 

I recommend the Karunda bed. It is solid, has a feel of cold hardwood, and is easy to clean. 

Common Samoyeds Sleep Positions and what they mean

1. Curled up

Samoyed dogs regularly sleep in a curled-up position. Sleeping in this position means they are either trying to keep warm or nervous about something. I advise you to check to know what’s making the dog nervous, especially if they do it often. 

2. When Samoyeds sleeps On its side

Like most dogs, this is a common sleeping position for Samoyeds. Samoyeds sleep in this position when they want to keep cool. This position allows cool air to reach areas with less fur, such as paws and stomach, which generally don’t get cooled off. 

3. On the Back with Legs in the Air

Sleeping on the back is another sleeping position you can find your Samoyed in. Like sleeping on their sides, this position also helps them cool off. It can also mean they trust you enough to feel vulnerable around you. 

4. Lying on Stomach with Legs Out

When you see your Samoyed sleeping in this position, it was likely active before falling asleep and is in a place to get back into it once awake. Lying on the stomach is one of the cutest sleeping positions for a Samoyed.

Other Samoyed sleeping habits

There are other things you need to know about the sleeping habits of your Samoyed. 

1. Panting: If your Samoyed is panting while sleeping, it is probably trying to cool down. 

Why your Samoyeds won’t sleep

An average adult Samoyed should sleep for 10-14 hours daily and occasionally take a nap for 4-5 hours. 

But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you may find your Samoyed isn’t sleeping for the required hours in a day or is even finding it hard to sleep at all. There are many reasons for this. 

1. Lack of exercise 

If your Samoyed is not getting enough daily exercise, it might be unable to sleep adequately. Like I said earlier, the Samoyed sleeps after exerting much energy. 

If your Samoyed finds it hard to sleep, then make sure it gets at least 1-2 hours of exercise daily. It may not feel too weak or tired enough to sleep if it doesn’t. 

2. Sickness/disorder

If your Samoyed isn’t sleeping well or can’t sleep for long, it may be signs of illness. Like humans, Samoyed sometimes finds sleeping difficult if they are sick or not feeling okay. The same goes for disorders. If your Samoyed has a condition like insomnia (yes, they can get those too), they may find it hard to sleep.


In conclusion, Samoyeds are energetic dogs that need to sleep between 10 – 14 hours daily to replenish their energy. 

While they don’t sleep as much as other dogs, they still need the required rest to stay healthy and active. 

If your Samoyeds aren’t getting the needed sleep, check to ensure nothing is wrong, starting with their beds and sleeping conditions. 

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