How often do Corn Snakes Poop?

by | Aug 2, 2022

How often do Corn Snakes Poop

Like all animals, your Corn snake needs to poop regularly to live a healthy life. What may be hard to know is how often they should poop. 

This blog post will give you all the answers regarding your Corn snake poop. 

We will also discuss how to ensure they poop regularly, what their poop should look like, and what it can tell you about their health. 

How often do Corn Snakes Poop?

A Corn snake usually poops between 3-5 days after feeding. 

If you feed your Corn snake once a week, as is the case for adult Corn snakes, you should expect them to poop just once a week. 

If your Corn snake is juvenile, and you feed them more than once a week, you should also expect them to poop more than once a week.

Please note that the frequency of their poop depends on the frequency of their feeding.

Another thing of note is that adult and juvenile Corn snakes don’t poop with the same frequency because they don’t have the same feeding schedule. 

Let’s discuss that a little further: 

  • Corn Snakes less than six months old

You should feed A baby Corn snake less than six months old every 3 to 4 days. You should also expect them to poop every 3 to 4 days. 

  • Juvenile Corn snakes

Juvenile Corn snakes are Corn snakes between 6 and 12 months old. A young Corn snake should eat every 4 to 6 days. The 4-6 days feeding means they should be pooping every 4 to 6 days. 

Some weeks, they can eat more than once a week, which means they should poop twice a week.

  • Adult Corn Snakes

Adult Corn snakes more than a year old should eat once every week. By now, you should know what this means – they should poop once a week. 

Corn Snake Poop Schedule

Age of the Corn SnakeFeeding FrequencyExpected Poop Period
Less than 6 months old3 - 4 daysExpect to poop between 3 - 4 days
Juvenile (Between 6-12 months)4 - 6 daysExpect to poop between 4 - 6 days
Adult (Over 12 months)Once weeklyYou can expect your Corn Snake to poop within 7 days.

Do Corn Snakes Poop once or several times?

Corn snakes are carnivore animals with a set time for eating

Unlike mammals or birds, they don’t eat multiple times a day or as often. 

This feeding schedule means they digest all the food in their stomach and won’t poop until they have digested everything.

What does a Corn snake poop look like?

Since they don’t poop as often as other animals, the Corn snake’s poop tends to be sizable. 

A normal Corn snake poop should be thick and have a dark brown look. 

If your Corn snake poop is watery or has a different color, it is either from too much water in the Corn snake’s diet or some health conditions. 

How to know your Corn snake is pooping

You may want to know when your Corn snake is about to poop. 

Like most snakes, the Corn snake won’t make much fuss when they want to do its business. 

Corn snakes will even go into hiding to poop. So, it isn’t easy to catch them in the act. 

Some Corn snakes will even do it in their hides.

Despite all these, there are still things to look out for if you are curious.

Your Corn snake will first excrete a small amount of pee or uric acid before pooping. 

The uric acid has a whitish/yellowish dirty look. You should know your Corn snake is about to poop when you see this. 

Can Corn snakes get constipation?

Yes, your Corn snake can get constipation. Your Corn snake can get constipated if the meal is too large, and it is unable to digest it properly.

Although in Corn snakes, it is more of blockage than constipation. 

The food can get stuck halfway, and the same thing will happen to the waste. 

If this persists, your Corn snake will stop eating, which can be fatal. 

Another cause of constipation in Corn snakes is dehydration. 

If the waste isn’t wet enough, your Corn snake may have trouble passing it out. 

How to help your Corn Snake Poop

If you think your Corn snake hasn’t pooped in over two weeks, you may have to help it do the business. So, how can you help your pet Corn snake poop?


If your Corn snake is struggling to poop, it may be due to dehydration. 

You should make sure they have enough fresh and clean water in their enclosure at all times. 

To encourage your Corn snake to drink the water, make sure the water is fresh and cold at all times. Corn snakes prefer this to warm water. 

It is likely they need water to help them push out the poop. Soak your Corn snakes in water for a few minutes at least twice a week to stimulate their bowels. 


If your snake is constipated, it may be due to the humidity and temperature in the enclosure. 

Corn snakes need the proper humidity and temperature to digest their food properly. 

You should check and ensure the humidity and temperature levels are correct. 

Install a thermometer and hygrometer to help you keep a consistent humidity and temperature at all times.


If your Corn snake has been eating large prey, it may cause constipation. 

The prey should not be larger than twice the width of your Corn snake’s stomach. 

Anything larger than this can lead to constipation or even impaction. 

If your Corn snake still can’t poop after two weeks of trying all the above, you should see a vet. 

Do Corn Snakes Poop in the same place?

Where your Corn Snake poops depends on your Corn snake itself. 

Some poop at a particular spot all the time, while others prefer to do it at different locations. 

Many Corn snakes also like to poop as much as possible on their hide. 

If you are on the lookout, you will eventually know where your Corn snake likes to poop. 

Do Corn Snakes Pee?

The answer to this is yes and no. Corn snakes have only one opening they use for pooping and urinating. 

So, they urinate and poop simultaneously, and much of what they excrete will come in solid form and not as liquid as one will expect from urinating. 

This may make it look like your Corn snake isn’t urinating when it does. 

Also, any form of liquid excrement depends on the amount of water or moisture the Corn snake drinks. 


Like all animals, Corn snakes poop, although the frequency differs from mammals. 

Corn snakes poop far less than other animals, depending on their feeding schedule. 

Since juvenile corn snakes eat more, they poop more than adult Corn snakes. 

Remember, your Corn snake can get constipation, so you should ensure you give them the right size of food and provide clean water to ease their pooping.

Corn snakes have just one opening, which they use to pee, urinate, and release both simultaneously. 

So you shouldn’t worry if you can’t find their pee. 

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